Software Engineer Experienced in Frontend & Backend System Design, Project Management, and Development

Hi, I'm Kasper.

I'm a full stack software engineer based in Manila, and an honors graduate of B.S. Information Systems at the University of Santo Tomas.

Full Stack Developer
With a particular focus on Frontend Development, I've utilized React.js (Next.js), PostgreSQL, Express.js, and Node.js to full effect.
Project Management
I've handled my teams to push projects forward from conceptualization all the way through development and delivery.
Team Oriented
I firmly believe that learning and working closely with others is the surefire way to become a better worker. I love building things!
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Technical Skills

Here's some of the tricks I've picked up along the way.




My Projects and Tools

I've worked on a few things, feel free to check my repositories!

Order Uli

Meal Plan System

Developed complete solution for the Order Uli meal planner system. Utilizing Next.js, Firebase, and Cloudinary to serve a meal plan system for a local business.

ZeroTier Monitor

System Monitor

A simple monitor using the ZeroTier API to track network node statuses. As Zerotier is always enabled in my machines, I can simply identify status in the browser. Built with Next.js.


Finance Tracker

A finance tracker PWA utilizing Next.js with Firebase for backend operations and Mantine for styling. Meant to satisfy my own needs for a personal finance tracker

This Site

Portfolio Site

An ongoing project currently using TailwindCSS for styling, RadixUI for accessibility, and Next.js. In the past, using ChakraUI and Framer motion.

Pain Care

Dental Record Management System

Developed backend processes for the Pain Care System, utilizing Node.js, Express.js, and PostgreSQL to serve templated pages used for dental record management.


Internal Inventory Management


Developed backend processes for the internal Dealcrafter site, utilizing Node.js, Express.js, PostgreSQL, and Redis to serve templated pages used for inventory management.


e-Commerce Concept Site

Developed backend processes for the Createev e-commerce concept site. Utilizing Node.js, Express.js and a MySQL database to serve templated pages for e-commerce.

Let's Talk!

You can always reach me at [email protected], but you can leave a message here too :)